November 17, 2010

Fill in the Blank

I've got a project brewing, and I need your help. Sorry to be cryptic, but that's all I can say for now. Help me finish this sentence:

"Infertility is ___________."

It can be a word, a phrase, or even a few sentences. The only thing I care about is that it's honest and comes from your heart. I want to hear from you and your experience. I'm cross-posting this on Twitter and my Facebook page, so feel free to share your thoughts on any of these platforms.

Lets see how big we can make this list.


Heather said...

Infertility is----not defining me.

Heather said...

...heartbreaking and devastating, but not defeating.

PCOSChick said...

not going to get the best of me. It will make me a mom in a differnt way

lady pumpkin said...

...a pain in my ass.

TheKoenigs said...


Marci said...


Michelle said...


mybumpyjourney said...

heart wrenching.....or and A BITCH. LOL.

beautifuleyes said...

Infertility is ... a disease.
Infertility is a dysfunction of the male and/or female reproductive system.
Infertility is caused by multiple factors,most of which are not preventable.
Infertility is a disease from hell- not God's will.
Infertility is the reason we are childless.
Infertility is devastating,terrifying,painful.
Infertility is Not our fault.
Infertility is not our choice.
Infertility is Not a message from 'Mother nature', God or the universe.

Dead Cow Girl said...

Costly! Confusing! Crushing! Confounding! (c*cksucker)

Erin said...

Infertility is...the hardest thing I have ever had to go through.

Kristin said...

Infertility is heartbreaking.
Infertility is a life-changing sentence.
Infertility can be beaten.
Infertility is not all I am.

justine said...

a perspective-changing experience, giving us even more appreciation for the ability to create and sustain human life.

Prairie Anonymous said...

...fucking aweful.
...a silent burden that nobody can truly understands.
...wearing me down.

I'd also modify, if I may, to:
Infertility includes (instead of is) miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss.
Because no baby is no baby, despite the fact that 'at least you can get pregnant'.

Good Timing said...

...a slap in the face.

TwoDogMama said...

always there.

MomisQueen said...

Secondary Infertility is :


the Barreness said...

the most heartbreaking and ongoing experience I have to live with.

Kate said...

a journey that makes me stronger.

Tara said...

...the disease that brought me my wonderful, amazing, wanted and loved twins.

Journeywoman said...

Infertility is hell.

Anonymous said...

Infertility is suffocating

Tillie said...

not going to define me. I will persevere.

Jennie said...

Never forgotten

AL said...

a disease that changed my life and perspective forever.

Nikke Brown said...

Infertility is something that is not going to break me.

Jasmine said...

...not going to stop me from becoming an Aunt, because my sister is a fighter!

jrs said...

first thought:
infertility is exhausting

second thought
infertility is not the winner. I beat it. I am an infertility survivor

infertility is not how I choose to define myself.

tangent, I hate how infertility is like a definition. We say, I'm infertile. People with cancer or any other disease don't say, "I'm breast cancer or I'm colitis". It is I have breast cancer or I have colitis. It is a part of them but does not consume them like infertility can and many times does.

I think I will write a post about that. thanks for the inspiration. I am curious to see what your project is.

Keiko said...

I wanted to add the comments I got on Twitter and Facebook here for posterity too:

From Twitter: Infertility is...
- hope
- heart wrenching
- the most devastating natural disaster you'll ever survive (& InfertileTurtle's awesome post about this quote)
- life changing, devastating, bull shit, heart breaking, a marathon
- a very special life path for the selected people...
- a part of me forever

From Facebook - Infertility is...
- I can never find words adequate enough to describe it, so I would simply say "devastating."
- Isolating
- Annoying, overwhelming, depressing
- A Bitch!!! Pardon my language but it is!
- Heartbreaking
- Lonely and confusing
- Misunderstood (and all the above)
- expensive, heartbreaking, frustrating, costly, draining, painful
- Pain
- Soul Sucking
- like no other disease
- Deceptive. Just when you think that it's the worst thing that could ever happen, you realize it happened for a reason.
- emotionally draining! And pretty much everything everyone else said, too.
- nfertility is not the end. I'm saying that now but a few seconds ago I was going to type depressing. Well, it IS depressing but the Lord has a plan. I always wish it was His plan to give us another child. We have a daughter who's 17 and we've been "trying" to have another for 15 years. There's really nothing wrong with us. I struggle with not knowing why things are and being bitter and jealous. Sigh.

Gwen said...

...complete and utter crap.
...A raw deal.
...devastating to mind, body and soul.

TeeJay said...

...a weight on my heart that I hope I can lift...soon


...something that needs more public awareness


Sandy said...

1.-an unexpected disease that hit me while I was busy planning my life.

2.-everywhere! Everyone knows someone....

3.-indelible. Regardless of the outcome, you are forever changed.

Nancy@thefertilityblogs said...

...a part of me. Even 11 years after my son was born. I would not change a thing.

Stephanie said...

Infertility is ... enlightening.

Although it's been heartbreaking and frustrating and painful and everything else in between, my husband and I have learned a lot about ourselves, our bodies and our marriage.

Community Manager/Consultant
Attain Fertility

April said...

breaking my heart into small pieces.

Julie said...

Infertility is... the deepest, darkest pit in which I have ever been stuck, in which I feel completely alone, in which I see no hint of light, and in which I fear I will wither away to nothingness.

Christie said...

I know I"m a bit late, but:

Infertility is... the hardest challenge I've ever faced

Amel said...

Infertility is a journey. Just like life, it has its ups and downs. Just like life, it has its stormy days and sunny days. Just like life, it's unpredictable.

The C's said...

Infertility is a health issue and should be covered 100% under all medical insurance plans.

foxy said...

life altering
painful beyond words
a disease of the individual, the couple, the family, the co-workers, the entire community.
not something I would wish on my worst enemy.

jess hardy said...

my punishment for not being perfect enough. Which is of course nonsense, but easy to believe when I am feeling hopeless.